Sunday, April 10, 2011


I’ve heard countless lyrics
I’ve read a sea of poetry
I’ve danced to the music
Of love’s imagery

You’re one of a kind
Yes, take it personally
Darling if you don’t mind
There’ll be no other like you for me

God sure must have loved me
For in His great design
He knew that He would give to me
Your love and make it mine

That’s why this poem is special
Because it’s written just for you
Poems written by other people
Somehow never seem to do

This poem is for you only
So if perchance some day
You feel a little lonely
Listen to the words I say

Love is a universal quest
A hungry, aching need
Yet He gave to me love's best
When He gave you to me

And this poem is very special
Penned with only you in mind
You may search the whole world over
But I know you will not find…

…another poem like this one
Because, my dear, you see
This poem was written
Just for you from me



  1. beautiful! :)

    i know if I ever want a love poem I'm going to you to write if for me.

    so love your style!

  2. one other you have a poetry book published for i would love to own one of yours?

  3. No. there is no book as of now:) My life is still very much a 'mom' life. Maybe some day, who knows?

    I would love to publish a book simply to have the privilege to dedicate it to a few very special people in my life, but for now I blog...
    ...and blog:)

    I don't always write like this but on some rare days when there is no one home but me I just 'let 'er go'.
    Thank-you so much for all your kind comments.


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