Saturday, April 30, 2011


Somehow as the green creeps over the hill
And brightens the weary meadow
So you come to me when the dawn is still
Out of the misty shadow
Somehow it seems distance is but a wee breath
In realms of thought and desire
Last night together we wandered the earth
Beneath the budded spire

Somehow in wishing and waiting and wanting
Seasons of missing you pass
But here in the dawn-light, I hear the taunting
Of moments sweep over the grass
Somehow time insists on flowing too quickly
Somehow in the blue folding mist
Suddenly I feel your whispering near me
In the essence of almost kissed

Somehow things shattered and melded again
Become a stronger measure
I sense within me the broken remains
In shards of aching treasure
Somehow you come to me from out of the blue
As light fingers the line in the distance
In murmurs of daylight and missing you
I offer no resistance


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