Saturday, April 9, 2011

Short, Sweet Ride

Some people say it’s a long road
This journey they are on
They look with drooping shoulders
Into the great beyond
But darling, let me tell you
What I feel deep inside
Knowing you and loving you
Has been a short, sweet ride

I hear folk say that life is hard
They call it living hell
But I’ve been close to heaven
When the night is soft and still
In your arms I’ve tasted
Life’s warm and kinder side
And darling, somehow you make
This life a short, sweet ride

I could not bear this journey
It would be long and hard
If you did not love me
Then soon I would be tired
I could not bear this journey
Without you at me side
But darling, if you love me
It will be a short, sweet ride



  1. so touching! I love how you use the endearment 'darling' quite often in your poems.

    I would love to hear you read your works! have you ever tried recording your poems?

  2. I have never recorded anything. I just write however it rolls off of my mind:)

  3. I follow another poets blog and sometimes she records herself reading her poems. I truly like that for her works because i don't always put the expression where it ought to be (so I found out when i listened to her once).

    her style is much different than yours and I do have to read some of her poems over a few times. so when I hear her it helps.

    you certainly wouldn't have to record yours for that reason but sometimes it's just so nice to hear it read to you.

    just a thought :)

    now, i'm going back to read the other poems you've posted. how did I miss them?

    have a wonderful day!

  4. ...another thing I may need to try sometime. I do enjoy listening to other people read. I would need to figure out HOW to do it first.


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