Sunday, April 10, 2011


I really can’t believe it
You’re growing up too fast
It seems each year that passes
Is quicker than the last

The limb outside my window
Exudes with burgeoning bud
Yet it seems but a breath ago
Its leaf fell to the mud

I guess it bears to reason
Why life flows swiftly by
Season over season
Like the twinkling of an eye

Your cheek once soft and silky
Now wears the ruddy blush
Of youth, vibrant and healthy
Where my soft kiss used to brush

The hand curled round my finger
Now grips a steering wheel
As I suddenly remember
How your wee grasp used to feel

I really can’t believe it
Those little years are past
But I can hear their heart-beat
In the shadows that they cast


Last night I watched as a young mother covered her
baby's soft cheek with kisses.
"How do you know she likes it?"
someone asked her.
"I don't know if she likes it, but I do" was the mother's quick reply.

EXACTLY! Those years are gone so fast!


  1. Those “little years” do go by so fast… Love the poem….

  2. you made my eyes tear up my dear!


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