Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rainy Nights.......and You

Seems like rainy nights and you go hand in hand
All my little thoughts like dew fall on life’s golden sand
Oh, my dear the morning comes too soon on nights like this
Let the storm-cloud snuff the moon; I love the deep darkness

In the rain I hear the distant echo of your laughter
Falling on the dark terrain from heavens teary rafter
And as the lonesome wind comes sweeping from the moody sky
I find comfort in the weeping of a raindrop’s lullaby

Past midnight’s broad and supple brim the dawn may quiver
Upon the swaying willow limb her tears may shiver
I draw you to me in a sweet, perpetual pain
As I yield to the music of the night and love and rain



  1. mesmerised perhaps is a word...serenaded....totally hooked...dangling by your thread lady...
    may you keep singing!!!

  2. I will! thank-you:) so much for 'listening' to my noise!

    I realized too late that if I delete pics from my google albums they also delete from my blog!!! so sorry.

  3. shhh...
    i thought that was music of the falling rain...:)

    Maybe you thought I’ve been a little distant
    And you thought it might be
    Something that you did or said
    While the truth is, for an instant
    I got caught up in a memory
    Of a dance we almost had
    When we were young
    Maybe you thought I was sad
    But maybe….
    You thought wrong



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