Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Perpetual Sigh

The missing of you is a perpetual sigh
Ribbons of blue where dear memories lie
But I cannot curse its bitter-sweet pang
For it fills with worth the hour in my hand
It teaches me to touch and cherish each moment
Press to my heart its love and its torment
For soon, far too soon its footprint will lie
Somewhere ‘neath the moon in a perpetual sigh


That sigh...
I find myself doing that sometimes.
In two weeks from today our dear friends/neighbors
are moving to Nova Scotia.
I miss them already...


  1. oh, I so feel this sigh...
    well expressed Janet!

    it is always sad to be away from someone that we love so dearly. I do hope you can see them often.

    take care!

    tried to comment on your other blog but it would go. I'll try again. it seems to be working on this one.

  2. May I add my tears and sighs as my kids jump with yours.


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