Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nothing on my Mind

I have nothing on my mind but desire
To hold your hand
Leaving plebeian woes behind, in the mire
Of the common man
As we melt to the beckoning of wood and rill
What of artless reckoning; we are weak of will
And the call of the wild is an urgent power
We must lie awhile in a field of flowers
And listen to the tune of the willow trees
Hearing the croon of the wayward breeze
As it strums the limbs and the waving grasses
In a chorus of hymns as it softly passes
Man draws a cold and rigid design
Too soon we grow old as we walk its line
Of law and demand, of toil and duty
Barred from a land of rampant beauty
Today we rebel and follow the lead
Of distant hill; as we willingly heed
Its softer command to rest on the arm
Of a meadowland where the sun is warm
With the breath of spring upon our hair
The scent of the earth permeating the air
Arousing a lust for life and love
From the placid dust to the heavens above
With nothing to do but yield to the powers
Of green and blue in a field of wild flowers
Oh darling, I have nothing on my mind but desire
To hold your hand; beneath leafy spire
And the golden kiss of the swaying willow
Where life is bliss and the world is our pillow


I apologize for the unexpected 'break'
due to computer woes.
All is well that ends well;)

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