Wednesday, April 6, 2011

No Trespassing

They draw cold metal chains across the trails that beg and plead
For me to wander in the grass where silent sunsets bleed
They bar me from the hills and fields of wind and sweet wild flower
As I glare at this frame that wields its mighty twelve inch power

In my mind I’ve built ramparts of intention to forget
But nonchalantly you still cross that barrier in my head
With disregard you breeze into my dear and deepest part
Effortlessly you ease into the fortress of my heart

The sign stares coldly at me as it wavers in the breeze
While I stare far beyond to barricaded mysteries
To stand and fume is all in vain as would be mindless cursing
The law sways on its iron chain in two words; no trespassing

It is no sin for you to cross the barrier within me
There are no repercussions as you wander quite freely
But here alone within this wilderness the law is king
Creating nature's prison with two words; no trespassing


I pulled into this little ‘lane’ last night while trying to
Capture a few last shots of the swiftly sinking sun….
EVERYWHERE, it seemed the skyline was blocked by buildings or trees!
I found a secluded back road where I was sure I would get my coveted shot….
as I pulled into this little lane-way; the sun was dropping very quickly, my gas tank was on empty, so I simply decided I need to take the picture NOW!!!
I opened my van door balancing on it precariously while pointing my camera to the sky. Suddenly a ‘nice lady’ voice queried, “Do you need help?”
Trying to appear very casual I replied, “Oh, no, I’m fine. I’m just trying to take a picture”
“Of what?” asked ‘nice lady’ blankly.
For a moment I was speechless and then I turned and pointed to the fire in the sky and said two words “the sunset……”

The ‘nice lady’ continued on her walk……..past the No Trespassing sign!

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