Friday, April 15, 2011

My Task-Master

I used to think he ruled me with a tireless, iron fist
I sighed as he withdrew me from the fields of morning mist
And as he spread before my gaze each task that I must do
I plodded to the mundane maze of duty’s endless view

I used to think he stole me from my lesser travelled road
Where daisies nod beneath the sun in nature’s fair abode
Where care was a forgotten thing beneath a sky so blue
As all God’s little creatures sing, with nothing else to do

I used to think that heaven’s brink was clad with moss and fern
Its music was the brook that sang to lands of no return
Would life not be much better here in God’s created beauty?
Without the sad imprisonment behind the walls of duty

But life devoid of duty is a life sad and depraved
For where would be the beauty of a thing we never craved?
And duty comes from having people in our arms to love
Duty is a blessing from a Master up above


This morning I said I could seriously spend my days
doing nothing but laundry, cooking and cleaning!
Then I remembered who I am doing it for...
yes, my family...and my Master.

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  1. what a message!

    perfectly expressed, Janet.
    love the flow


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