Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Love for You

Maybe you wonder what’s become of me
I'm not the person I used to be
Maybe I wonder the same thing sometimes
But life is a poet of its own rhythm and rhyme
And one thing is forever true
Darling, I still love you

The sun shines in purest gold from above
But it pales in comparison to my love
As vast as the sky of azure blue
So is the depth of my love for you
Darling, if you could see past my skin
You would see to the love I hold within

Fair-weather friends will ever abound
The circle of life spins around and around
But it cannot alter or furtively steal
The ocean of eternal love that I feel
I hold on to one thing faithful and true
Darling, it is my love for you


Back outside I go to an almost perfect day...


  1. gotta love those almost perfect day!

    this was truly lovely. it's feel is soft and heartfelt. full of love.
    you just take me away with your wonderfully woven words. *sigh*
    thank you, Janet!

    perfect photo for the piece!

  2. Hope,you touch me with your kindness:)


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