Friday, April 15, 2011

Love's Bliss

A calmness seeps into my mind
And washes over me
Yesterday is far behind
Tomorrow still to be
But in this moment I am in
No one can steal my bliss
It wraps me in Time's gentle grin
And cheers me with its kiss

Yesterday’s regret is past
Tomorrow; merely dreams
And moments slip away too fast
Caught up in phantom streams
Where soon it seal the smile and tear
As tenderly I languish
Within the ebb and flow, my dear
Of ecstasy and anguish

I have but one small moment now
Before it too is history
Melting like fragile April snow
As now unveils its mystery
What is to be must surely be…
I close my eyes a moment
And let time’s kiss wash over me
In tears of joy and torment


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