Monday, April 4, 2011

Music of the Rain

I love the music of the rain
Strumming on my window-pane
The languorous stirring of the pine
Bathed in heaven’s purest wine
I love the moaning of the breeze
Falling through the dripping trees
Teardrops from the moody eye
Of an ever-changing sky

I love the music of the rain
It speaks to me of tender pain
Caught in the eyes of true blue love
It speaks to me of hope above
For just beyond the present cloud
Beyond the weeping, wavering shroud
I know the sun will shine again
I love the music of the rain


1 comment:

  1. well...this is my kind of write! so...beautiful!
    love this line
    'bathed in heavens purest wine'
    'caught in the eye of true blue love' is another although all is very nice!
    enjoyed it very much
    thank you


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