Friday, April 29, 2011


The remnants of today are fading away
I pause on the fringe of tomorrow
Watching my moment become yesterday
Where I am unable to borrow
The length or breadth or height of it
As it becomes a shadow
For time flows on in spite of it
Across life’s sprawling meadow

The laughter or the tears I’ve wept
Now slumber side by side
Where all my other years are kept
In love’s soft eventide
And all the worries of daylight
Are nothing more than air
Wafting through the still, dark night
On wings of hope and prayer

It takes with it the deeds I’ve wrought
They cannot be undone
Gone too, each little thought I’ve thought
And battles, lost or won
Midnight seeps in, pushing today
Into time’s surging stream
Oh, it may steal the hours away
But cannot steal my dream


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