Monday, April 11, 2011

Goodnight, My Love (A Lullaby)

Let the wind sweep from the rain-laden pine
Let the night weep from the bush and the vine
Let the blue shadow fall somewhere afar
Over the meadow beneath the lone star
Before this day vanishes let me hold you tight
And whisper goodnight, my love, and goodnight

Let the lone dreamer then dream if he must
Let the dim twilight then sleep in the dust
Turn down the music and turn up the sky
It seems to sing to me a new lullaby
As your arms wrap around me in the deepening light
You whisper goodnight, my love, and goodnight

Some put their faith in the moon or the earth
Some wait for fortune to measure their worth
But now as I lay me down to sleep
I smile for I know the good Lord will keep
All those I love in His tender sight
As I whisper goodnight my love, and goodnight


Tonight was one of those nights…..
As I hugged my children and said goodnight
I felt like the richest person on the face of the earth…..
There are no sweeter words repeated than
‘Goodnight, I love you too.’

Thank-you God~


  1. Gorgeous. Heartfelt and un-clichéd

  2. Beautiful lullabye. Filled with lots of love!

  3. beautiful, really liked the repeated refrain the ends of each stanza, nice!

    and those first two lines, esp "let the night weep from the bush and the vine" with of course the echo from "pine" before, yes, very nice ;-)

    my other fav line was, "Turn down the music and turn up the sky"

    so, what are words for "the music of one a.m." ? ;-)

  4. Very nice. Sweet.
    Siggi in Downeast Maine

  5. adan, sometimes the music of one a.m. can be captured in words and sometimes it is above mere human verbose;)

    Thank-you so much for your very kind thoughts and your visit.

  6. starts with beautiful imagery then goes to philosophy, then goes to humanity


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