Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Duel

She tightens stormy fingers
Across the fragile cusp
Where sudden sunshine lingers
In spite of her deep thrust
She cannot quell the softening
Within the golden ray
As lilting songs of beckoning
Spill from her lips of gray

Her pale white brow is bluer now
A hint of glimmering mirth
Splashes on the weary snow
That decks the restless earth
And in her sullen brooding
Her will intensifies
She howls in tunes foreboding
Tears storm-clouds from her eyes

She will not be defeated
Her cold and chilling dread
Is violently repeated
Her fury is not dead
And yet, whilst she unleashes
Wild fury in the air
The southern hills and sashes
Melt beneath her stare

She will not reign forever
The bud upon the limb
Is pressing to the surface
She feels the might of them
The brook, once still and colder
Cannot contain its song
….she humps her stubborn shoulder
She knows it won’t be long…….

…..the day of her departure
Is waiting in the breeze
The scent of passions fervor
Spawns possibilities
Her iridescent haunting
Is waning as she moans
She hears her rival taunting
In quickened undertones


Yes, the duel IS on.
I wrote this in February...
not expecting to 're-visit' it:)

There is a reason my closet floors
are piled! three days ago it was flip-flops and sandals.
Now it's back to boots!

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