Friday, April 1, 2011

Dreamer's Sea.....

As the long blue shadows reach to steal another day away
And out across each ridge and field the darker colors splay
As noise of busy living lulls and gentler stillness sighs
A voice so deep within me pulls me to the whispering skies
And the starlight in your eyes

As purple tints the borders of a wild and wind-swept bliss
I’m drawn to the corners of a taunting wilderness
Where only thoughts can take me and where only you will be
And where you cannot forsake me on the shore of midnight’s sea
For a dance of misery

As paler fingers reach to brush the darkness from the sky
And somewhere in this perfect hush another night slips by
A song of searing torment sweeps across the dim-lit lea
Where for a flickering moment miles could not keep you from me
On a dreamer’s dulcet sea


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