Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Dance

Time will never stop turning
It’s always been this way
The tress rich and raven
Succumbs to soft gray
The hand smooth and supple
Bears life’s tender scars
We are only people
And time simply years
As the violin plays on…

Slow moving quadrille
Come my love, hold me near
It seems time’s old wheel
Is no respecter of tears
But it plucks from our fingers
Our most treasured things
As its harmony lingers
On effervescent wings
And the violin plays on…

Hold back your sorrow
Until some other day
Yesterday’s tomorrow
Is slipping away
While here in the arms
Of life’s bitter-sweet dance
We move to the charms
Of heaven’s soft glance
And the violin plays on…

Come oh my darling
Life hastens away
I see the soft morning
Become yesterday
Dance with me, darling
Let us not waste one song
For no one will tell us
When the music is done
As the violin plays on…


1 comment:

  1. beautiful lines! some of my favorites

    on effervescent wings


    Hold back your sorrow
    until some other day
    Yesterday's tomorrow
    Is slipping away

    thank you so much!


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