Sunday, April 10, 2011


Hands of time may
Steal away
Many a coveted thing
But this I know
As the rivers flow
I watch those same hands bring
New gifts of love
As the little girl of
Yesterday becomes a woman
Though time oft steals
It also heals
In the power of a moment
A breath then two
Dissolve to the blue
But I’ve made a sweet discovery
The things I love best
Are timelessly kept
Safe in the vault of memory
And sweetheart, it’s true
Time can never steal you
Though you may fly far from me
I hold you near
In each memory so dear
As they whisper their comfort to me



  1. ah, true. wonderful write, as usual. :) love the photo

    is one of those girls you?

  2. These are my two oldest daughters approx. 13 years ago:) Emily and Melissa.


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