Saturday, April 16, 2011


The blue is gone from your eye tonight
A beckoning undertone
Whispers to me in the waning light
As we stand together, alone
The cast-iron sweep of the moody sky
Creases the thickening air
Silently slipping around you and I
Through branches, dripping and bare

Desire and dreaming are luxuries
Borne on the restless wind
Stolen tonight by memories
Held in the ties that bind
Thoughts ache in the misty silence
Crying into the still air
But the only sound in the distance
Are branches, dripping and bare

The blue is gone from your eye tonight
Longing pours into the dark
Reaching to me in the waning light
A hopeful and tortured spark
Miles can exist in mere inches
Walls can suspend in thin air
Both hover; astringent between us
The branches are dripping and bare


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