Friday, April 8, 2011

As Naturally as Breathing

No more have I the power to force love
Than I am able to draw the flower from a bud
If I could force love then I know that I
Could coax from the cocoon, a butterfly

I cannot insist that you love me
Love is the eternal mystery
Beyond reason and beyond measure
It is the foundation of life’s richest treasure

My dear, if I could then I would tell you
Why I love you the way I do
But I cannot; I know only this
Loving you is my bitter-sweet bliss

Loving you comes as naturally as breathing
I don’t contemplate its rhyme or reason
And if you should in return love me
I would humbly reply, my dear, I thank thee



  1. goodness....

    I don't know what it is about your writing style but something calms me every time I read your works.

    the first two lines can stand on their own as a perfect quote! and that...sets the mood for the rest.


    oh, the expression on this babe is priceless. is this your own photo?

  2. Hope, I really wish this was my picture! It comes courtesy of 'google':)


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