Friday, May 26, 2023

A Mercy-kindled Beckoning

As we approach the throne of  grace may we be reminded to
not grow weary in our prayers for what seems impossible 
(so much sin, sickness and sorrow!) because
... "with God nothing will be impossible.” Luke 1:37

The God that created the world,
The God that parted the Red Sea,
that snowed manna in the wilderness,
that tumbled the walls of Jericho
That closed the mouths of lions,
That walked in the fiery furnace
that walked on the water,
that provided a Spotless Lamb once for all sinners
oh, and as written here in
 John 21:25
Jesus did many other things as well. 
If every one of them were written down, 
I suppose that even the whole world 
would not have room for the books
 that would be written.!

Yes! This God is with us!
He fuels our sometimes-wavering
 faith with unwavering faithfulness!
The great Designer and Creator of heaven and earth is with us!

It trembles in each breath, each smile
It fuels poems, still unpenned
It lures us like a country mile
To see what lies beyond the bend

It helps us greet the day at hand
And God’s replenished grace, with zeal
To return to duty’s demand
And what today waits to reveal

Though veiled, it draws us to pursue
Proposals with hope’s precious urge
Like arms outstretched in welcome to
All who approach its holy verge

That always authors reckoning
From what no one can fully see
Of mercy-kindled beckoning
God-granted Possibility

© Janet Martin

Possibility is a bud,
burgeoning with bloom!

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