Monday, July 29, 2019

Dear Summer

Tender summer, take Time slowly
Linger on the garden path
Lead us through avenues tolling
With impending aftermath

Sweet, fleet summer, tame your hours
Teach the student of your days
To live gently among flowers
And give your Creator praise

Glorious summer, do not hasten
Do not leap into your grave
Where wheat fields like golden oceans
Draw the farmer to its wave

Dearest summer, linger longer
Where our bare feet stir your dust
Feeling younger, freer, stronger
In a world of wonder-lust

Soulful summer, sweet sun-strummer
Weave your blossom-binding spell
Ere we grasp at chaff-like shimmers
To hear sea-song in your shell

© Janet Martin


  1. Such a lovely set of photos. And I am enjoying your poem. Especially this line: 'To live gently among flowers', and there is nothing like watching 'wheat fields like golden oceans'

    1. thank-you for your kind words. There are a few lines in this poem that gave me trouble to find the 'feel'. I appreciate your visit and words of appreciation!


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