Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Dear Summer....

While it rained the sun set...
SO beautiful!
Summer seems to be equal blends of euphoria and sweet sadness/longing!
It's moving along SO fast!

Soon the lyricists of autumn will be tuning your farewell
Weaving from your wake of echoes that which only wind can spell
Soon the cricket will be quiet leaving in its sea of sound
Tatters of a russet riot spilling wildly to the ground
Soon the airy arms of August will fill with bronze bric-a-brac
Tearing something from our Bearing that we never can get back
Soon we’ll look back on your shimmer; summer, soulful, bitter-sweet
As we worm back into sweaters and tug socks back onto feet
Knowing how, as even now we sense time’s ten-turbulent tug
There is taking in the giving no matter how hard we hug

© Janet Martin

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