Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Winter Things...

Winter sings of simple things
 A hymn of home-sweet-harmony
Of snow-capped nook, of storybook
And a slow-savored cup of tea

Winter sings of home-spun things
Of soup slow-stirred, of fresh-baked bread
Of jigsaw puzzles, kitty-cuddles
Projects with needle and thread

…and winter sings a song of praise
For knitted things, sweaters and socks
For mitts and hats; for fireside chats
And long winter-afternoon walks

Winter sings of oven-things
Of coffee-cakes, muffins to share
Its sparkles in a frost-kissed grin
We laugh and dance like Fred Astaire

...and make snow angels in the yard
And build snowmen jolly and stout
While winter sings and whitely flings
Its notes of glitter all about

Winter sings from hoary sweep
From knee-deep pasture-land, from trees
Wearing a gown of winter-down
Where birds flutter like feather-leaves

© Janet Martin


  1. This poem and accompanying photos made me smile contentedly. Sigh...winter can be lovely!

    ...I've got a stew in the crock pot and I'm sitting wrapped up in a blanket reading your poetry--good winter stuff, too!

  2. your word-picture makes me smile contentedly too:)
    I just started puzzle # 2. I find its a good way to unwind the mind...whistle or hum and try to find the right piece!

  3. So Cozy. Funny, when we were at Mom and Dad's on Sunday and I saw all their puzzles, I too thought hmmm I wonder if I'd enjoy that. It sure seems like a good winter hobby.

    1. It's a good thing to spread out on a table and the whole family can try adding pieces. The above one was HARD because their was not a lot of variation in color and design!Then when we finished there was one piece missing. My first impulse was to pick it up and throw it out. We bought it at a Thrift Store and that's the chance you take. I decided to keep it to show the boys I babysit because they were helping with it too.I was vacuuming the next day and I thought something sounds kinda funny. I turned off the vacuum, banged the hose on the floor and OUT FELL THE MISSING PIECE!!! The moral of this tale is never follow through on anger-impulses:)So glad I refrained, though i almost chucked it in the wood-stove at first!
      I think I'll give this one to Mom and Dad to try when we're done looking at it.

  4. So cozy and war, made me love winter!


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