Friday, January 8, 2016

Desperate Pleasure...

I’ve heard the suggestion voiced, because of the prolific nature of this blog that ‘poetry must pour from your pores’…
It feels more like a breaking through bone of thought in groan and moan…
‘Tis a serious and desperately pleasant-yet-sometimes-painful business to bear the weight of words into birth then dare to share them.
Those who hear the Call cannot ignore it with it has been for centuries.

Full poem here
full poem here

What awesome bearing, this
To commit to a page
The birth of thought for one to read
In some far-yonder age

What undertaking, this
To pen for heart and soul
Something to keen the spirit to
The wearing of a soul

What trembling Want ensues
By it we cast off fear
Lest by neglect we fail to write
What someone needs to hear

What awesome Being, this
To press with curves of ink
A tender scalpel deep enough
To make its reader think

© Janet Martin

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