Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Flight to the Finish-line...of Flowers

 After a few snowy, blowy days winter's late arrival seems forgotten!

Then, true to form he came, storming earth’s motley frame of trees
Infamous for his bully ways he brawled all through the night
And howled all through the morning-noon, he wrung a thousand seas
His tardiness forgotten as he swathed the world with white

No more the brooding loneliness of bronze wide-open fell
No more the moody platinum of lowered heavens weep
Now hill and rill, now nook and crook and every dip and dell
Is like a featherbed spread with pillows and throws knee-deep

To everything there is a time and season; columbine
And violet and daffodil and kindred perfumed plume
Are evermore the sweeter for their slumber where the vine
Is brittle for a little while then refurbished with bloom

So, while the wind whimpers at doors and wails at windowpanes
And Old Man Winter is a troubadour of chilling verse
Pour summer’s sought-for second cups and dream a dream of lanes
Fragrant with newborn flowers that soon springtime will disperse

© Janet Martin

Hang in there y''s a fight to the finish-a flight to flowers:)
...and butterflies
...and sun-kissed sand

...and sunset beaches
...a finish-line of gold
...and blue

 ...and green

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  1. Winter is so pretty - but yes, nothing takes the place of blue and green. Beautiful words.


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