Friday, February 22, 2013

Twilight Rhapsody


Beneath his moody murmur and caress
Softly she comes surrendering her lilt
Of azure glance and golden sun-flecked dress
To lie where cobalt shadow-song is spilt
All day he waited as her overture
Wove mystery to history; but now
He drapes his crushing longing over her
And smooths life’s ruthless laugh-lines from her brow
Out past the fields where tree-tops touch the sky
The vesper croons its burnished lullaby

The wheel from which her gossamer is spun
Replenishes its thread with somber hues
The filament of moments in the sun
Deepens to shrouds of midnight-tinted blues
Yet, he does not excuse his solemn trance
But softly wraps her in his muted hush
He gathers her into a gentle dance
Kissing her wantonness; horizons blush
As on the fringe of yesterday and dawn
A molten glow erupts; then it is gone

Beneath the vault where love and life unfold
She lays aside her tattered, tear-stained gown
Relinquishing her being to his hold
How tenderly he watches her lie down
The hour of her gallantries subside
Within the candor of his raw embrace
Somewhere the fringe of earth and sky collide
But darkness spills its sigh across her face
And now against his brawny chest she sleeps
He strums the air as star-song fills the deeps

© Janet Martin


  1. Janet, such an INCREDIBLY beautiful poem. The rhyme and meter make it a beauteous joy to read, every silver line!!!!!! Wow, kiddo!

  2. Thank-you Sherry, I did have some fun writing this:)


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