Friday, August 3, 2012

Timeless Troubadour

My darling, tender, timeless troubadour
You come to me when deepened skies are still
No violin, no flute and no guitar
To soothe the sighs that press against my will

Oh mediator of the heart and mind
Oh, miracle of half-forgotten hope
Oh twilight troubadour, reckless yet kind
You stroll across the spirit’s silvered slope

With obscure fingers, softly you caress
The gilded latch, secured by daylight schemes
And easily it seems that you access
The storehouse of fond memories and dreams

Grand Maestro of entrancing, ethereal art
Oh lover of the tranquil midnight fell
You curve your melody around my heart
And move me in your transcendental swell

My darling, tender, timeless troubadour
I tremble ‘neath the movement of your touch
Oh gentle minstrel of the midnight hour
Tuning the breeze, the moon, the stars and such

Then, as you strum these astral instruments
And earth becomes a begging ball-room floor
You take me in your willing arms to dance
My darling, tender, timeless troubadour

© Janet Martin

Dream a Little Dream of Me   Michael Buble` 


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