Monday, August 27, 2012

Oh Gentle Hand (A Sonnet)

Oh gentle hand that snuffs the summer bloom
Tarry awhile upon far yonder hill
For I must languish in the crickets trill
And wander through earth’s muted living-room
Let me persuade you to withdraw your clasp
And linger in a moment far away
The swell of seasons claims another day
Oh gentle hand, restrain your eager grasp
Why must you haste to glean the florid yield
Of purple loose-strife, aster, golden rod?
Cling to the solemn recompense concealed
Where drifting leaf wanders earth’s vapid sod
Oh gentle hand, pause over summer’s field
And revel in the handiwork of God


Oh gentle hand of subtle thievery
Nature responds beneath your tender touch
Relinquishing its verdure to your clutch
Be-taken by your ardent chivalry
But when your soft seduction is complete
And you have stripped fair summer of her gown
Disguising her demise with flaming crown
Before it falls to gutter, hedge-row, street
Oh gentle hand, resist a little more
The urge to spill its crimson aftermath
Oh gentle hand, I beg, plead and implore
Extend the silver sand and blue sky path
For I can sense the creaking of a door
And the foreboding of a chill-wind wrath

© Janet Martin

Storms Never Last Waylon Jennings

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