Monday, May 23, 2011

Song of the Willow Tree

The wind in a perpetual sigh
Tosses the willow trees
Rain falls from the sodden skies
Like aching memories
Tonight we share the sadness
Melding our unuttered needs
Whilst propriety of saneness
Drifts like dandelion seeds

There are no cold blue shadows
The whole earth, a darkened tomb
As yellow, painted meadows
Bow in mute, colorless gloom
And none can know the weighted tear
That threads the midnight hush
Hovering, a shapeless sphere
Upon a tender brush

Your name is dark with longing
In the iridescent glow
Of the raindrops softly strumming
An amorous tango
While night and rain and wanting
In discordant harmony
Play a song, lonesome and haunting
In the wind-tossed willow-tree


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