Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Way It Is......

Dawn draws the darkness out of the skies
Time steals the dream from the dreamer’s eyes
November rejects the sun’s warmest kiss
And I love you……..
That’s just the way it is

Children grow up and old people die
Today is tomorrow’s history
Pain is the flip-side of tender bliss
And I love you…………..
That’s just the way it is

New love is born; and some love fades away
Just as the morn slips into the day
Then day returns to night’s quietness
And I love you………..
That’s just the way it is

Time is a tender and torturous quadrille
Changing our scope with each turn of the wheel
Bittersweet slow-dance, moments I’ll miss
But I’ll always love you…..
That’s just the way it is


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