Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bad Boys.....

There’s no such thing as a bad boy
Oh, when they come into this world
They all are pure and precious
Red faces and little toes curled
But it seems that some are cheated
Out of things we need so much
And while everyone calls them bad boys
They’re crying for a loving touch

We all need to feel like we’re valued
Like we’re needed, with things to do
We all need a little patience
Some more than others, it’s true
We wouldn’t remove the mischief
Or even the naughtiness
They’re boys, and it is my belief
They’ll learn if given a chance

Some get cheated out of a mother’s arms
And dad never seems to be there
Some have never been told how much
They are loved just for who they are
There’s no such thing as a bad boy
But oh boy, it’s a bad world down here
And some of them learn it quickly because
They have no other choice, I fear

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

"It is my belief that
there is no such thing
as a bad boy...." Spencer Tracy in Boy's Town

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