Sunday, November 14, 2010

Stolen Moment.....

Come, my dear
The day passes by
Let's steal a small piece of it
Before the tender sky
To pink and coral hue
Let's steal away, life beckons
Beneath a pavilion of blue........
There will always be something better to do
But we are growing old.....
And can we really hold
Anything forever...all soon is dust
Time will sever and treasure will rust
There will never be a day born for wanderlust
The green tree laughs while it is spring
And summer unfolds like a priceless painting
But soon it is cold and everything
Familiar is strange
Under the brush of change
The hands we've held and lips we've kissed
Are echoes and shadows dearly missed
But now, you throb in the beat of my heart
The happiness of you tears me apart
Soon the laughter of this day disappears
And all that is left is the glimmer of tears
On a face that loved you yesterday
But somehow time stole it away

All rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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