Thursday, July 11, 2019

July's Choreographer...

 seven-syllable lines is not the norm 
but the Voice in my head insisted on this form!

Something simply needed to be written for this gem-of-a-July-day!
Wild, sultry winds toss luxuriant trees grounded in sweeps of green 
where subtle golden sheen starts seeping through.

Lilt of light strums gilt of gold
Beauty breaks birth’s virgin hold
From its mold of moment-mist
Ethereal tangos untwist
Torturing, teasing the heart
With fond fragments of love’s art
Driving dreamers gently mad
With the melody of Had
Where the ballad is a blur
…. July’s choreographer

Violinist’s serenade
Never sweeter timbre played
Runs a bow across the sky
Ruffles rows of corn and rye
Lofty, lithesome, sumptuous beat
Falling, light as pixie-feet
Soft as petals waft, sun-warm
Wild as wind before the storm
Wrestling from the restless tree
…July’s choreography

Vexes vim with wish and whim
Wakes a waltz in linden limb
Hails from pubs of hollyhock
Pales the hub that turns the clock
Hones the bones that stir the dust
Metronome of wanderlust
Whips the horse that hauls the cart
Hitched to lanyards round the heart
Causes quite a flower-stir
…July’s choreographer

Whispers in high, hazy noon
Tugs at twilight’s lazy moon
Plays a rousing burst of star
Makes us glad right where we are
Takes us by our hands and twirls
Wizened women like school girls
Searing, soothing, high then low
Tempo of hold-close-let-go
Soloist and symphony
…July’s choreography

© Janet Martin

Colm Keegan cover because Garth Brooks' version is not on Youtube...

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