Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Hello Again After An Unexpected Break!

Due to a power-surge a few days ago we were suddenly out of internet...
back on this morning after they figured out our router simply needs to be reset😊!
(reminded me if this 'chuckle')

This was the poem I was posting when the power-surge went through...

Early Morning Musing Whilst Dead-heading Flowers

Now the hour is a vendor and the flower is a sigh
As it scatters summer’s splendour where our footsteps hasten by
Stirring dust that softly settles leaving little to its name
Like the full bloom strews its petals and returns from whence it came

Now the moment metes the tempo in time’s unchained melody
Touch releases the memento that composes Memory
Love and longing compose lyrics for an audience of one
Vain to entertain hysterics for what cannot be undone

Now new day raises the curtain to earth’s awesome theater
Where nobody knows for certain what is about to occur
For this fling with fragile beauty kindles ire in a beast
Challenging the charge of Duty with fires of dreamer’s feast

Now the willing garden beckons like a poem without page
And the tiller of it reckons with the war before the wage
And the craving for sweet summer cannot satisfy its tooth
Where each twilight is a bummer where each blossom is a booth

Now the box that holds the presents we wished for on winter’s day
Unlocks a breath-stealing essence; Death stalking its primal prey
And the rose we hinged our hopes on startles us with thorny socks
Darling, so it goes, each season has both caress and hard knocks

Now the hour is a vendor, we, contenders of its stock
Born to become seasoned spenders on the circle of the clock
Where the Bud unfolds its pinion in a fugitive salute
Then falls prey to the Dominion that nobody can refute

© Janet Martin

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