Thursday, July 18, 2019

Almost Eden Garden Retreat

Don't have a front or back-yard garden?
... take to the country roads and see God's wild-flower gardens in full bloom!
Linger a little longer than you were going to and be surprised!

And they heard the voice of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day:...

Retreat to Gardens; earthy glimpse of Eden’s Paradise
Where sweat and toil earns bread and spoil rich with wonder’s surprise
Work hard for what you take; give thanks to He who doth provide
And fill your place ‘mongst human race with kind and humble pride
...and if the load on living’s road gets long and hard to bear
Then Retreat to a Garden (methinks God still walketh there)
Where in the cool of day and in the hush of green-spun things
There’s something ‘bout a garden from which hope eternal springs
After the push of planting as dirt-dreams start to take shape
Then retreat to the garden for little Grand Escape
And listen to the fiddler of sun-shadows play on leaf
And let the lilies of the field heal love’s heart-gnawing grief
When common care becomes the colour of Melancholy
Then retreat to a garden for some flower-therapy/there-happy
Let worry take a break where breezes sigh and tendrils wind
And let the Voice of God speak through bloom-bowers He designed

© Janet Martin

Intro to Summer from the book Shape of a Year ...
 The Shape of a Year
Oh, I wish I could share the whole July chapter with you!

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