Friday, September 14, 2018

On This Note...

On this note, due to a major shake-up to what has been a somewhat regular routine 
for quite some time, I will be away for a while
but hope to be back after a vacation and then adapting to a new
childcare routine starting at 7:00 a.m.
Hope to see you sometime in October!

On a note of orchards groaning with the glut of grace and toil
Where the mantle of new morning gleams like frosting over spoil
Where Hope to spring’s furrow planted is poured out in harvest-hymns
On a note twixt Past and Promise, where Today spreads fledgling wings

On a note of Change pursuing what is pressed against our skin
Where the Hour keeps undoing and refilling nests within
And the Things we thought quite common startle us with Letting Go
On a note where skylines open to what Time waits to bestow

On a note of flower-tatters scattered where sweet summer wanes
On a coat of earthy matters fixed to heaven’s holy trains
On a road where twist and turn can take us by sacred surprise
On a note where Having Held melds hello’s handshake to good-byes

…on a note of knowing little of what waits to spill its store
Where each day is like a launching pad hinged to for-nevermore
Frilled with gray and gold appointment like footprints splashed-dashed on sand
Where each note of leaping forward leads to farewell’s upper hand

…on a note of raw rebellion tamed by traits of Father Time
Where the green of leaf turns golden like medallions on a vine
And the sheen of dreams turns dusky where the rise and set of sun
Tunes the notes of moment-music into soulful said-and-done

On a note of wish and wonder so profound it steals our breath
Where the heart can skip a beat so full of life so close to death
...where the rhythms we relinquish have prepared us unaware
For the notes that wait to wash across the stars and bars of prayer

…on a note of apprehension and fresh thoroughfares of trust
Where the Unknown is an ocean surging through faith’s speck of dust
Where we cannot nurse the notions that turn fear into a noose
But proceed in part with caution and in part with heart foot-loose

On a note of simple Being with a Mary-like Reply
Of ‘Lord, Be it unto us as you have said’,  we try to fly
And be ever humbly thankful for the chance to dance and sing
On a note, often off-key but always meant to worship Him

© Janet Martin

 "I am the Lord's servant," Mary answered.
 "May your word to me be fulfilled."
Luke 1:38


  1. So beautiful. I will miss you terribly, Janet, but have a wonderful, blessed, welldeserved vacation. Come home with a full idea book and ready to spill once more onto the page!

  2. Thank-you, dear friend!!! (I'm also rejoicing in the good news you got today for your hubby's health! Hugs, and yes, definitely taking a book and see what happens. When we are settled into our 'new normal' I hope to carve out a new writing time...(guess what, while I was typing this comment my next door neighbour/friend dropped off a leather-bound empty journal so I can journal our travels! So thoughtful), so yes, I'll definitely be writing!

  3. So many wonderful lines, cannot pick a favorite!
    Enjoy your vacation, Janet. Relax, and recharge.

    1. Thank-you:) I sure hope we can relax and recharge! I think I would rather see less slower than more faster... that's my 'travel-plan' but hubby being a truck-driver is always in a hurry! lol! so he keeps saying he hopes he can re-program somehow and just enjoy the view!:) thank-you again and 'see' you soon.

  4. So pretty - melancholy and reflective - so many great lines!


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