Saturday, September 8, 2018

For Seasoned Love…

Sometimes there's too many thoughts for one poem!
 Anniversary Poem #2

Autumn fell around you
Now winter has found you
And Wisdom has crowned you
With silver-white sheen
The seasons pass quicker
Where sorrows bloom thicker
Than in summer’s flicker
Or spring’s virgin green

Love’s vows still unbroken
So long ago spoken
Worn, joined hands, the token
Of love’s youthful ‘yes’
How precious the measure
Of Beauty’s best treasure
Through both pain and pleasure
Remained faithfulness

Beneath heaven's spillage
And earth's common tillage
And childhood's brief village
We watched as we grew
Where what seemed so natural
We learned, was a humble
And hard-fought example
Of love kind and true

Thank-you, father, mother
For living your Honor
With love for each other
And God; may He bless
You now and forever
May each day together
No matter the weather
Bring true happiness

© Janet Martin

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