Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Awesome Gallery

With all the work and worry of this hurry-hurry place
We sometimes miss the whisper-soft kisses of daily grace
The world is like a wonderland of grand and common gifts
Waiting to be unwrapped by eyes and fumbling fingertips

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ cites the phrase
Then pray that we learn to behold with eyes-wide-open gaze
The colors of the world unfurl Masterpiece works of heart
To soothe strict toil and duty with the beauty of God’s art

The earth and the fullness thereof open its gates; no charge
To all, as we witness firsthand Originals At Large
Of leaf etched on a canvas that we cannot touch with hands
Of raindrop-dappled dances on four-season-fold grandstands

Love lavishes Time’s bittersweet with startling commonness
It scatters beneath hurried feet the miracle of ‘yes
Where work and worry of this hurry-hurry place runs through
An awesome gallery of artwork, free to me and you

© Janet Martin

Wishing you a day of Awesome in unexpected places!


  1. Omigoodness - "awesome gallery" indeed! Love all the moments you shared in photos; for nostalgic reasons, particularly "Charlotte's" web and the small underdog birds collectively redirecting the raptor. And i think my favourite words in this work are "startling commonness", which is always surrounding if we but see. Thank you for the timely reminders.

    1. thank you for your visit.I like Charlotte's web too:) It was hard to choose just a few photos from folders full of God-art and every shot a Master piece!

  2. Incredible photos, Janet. The one with the Canada geese is my favorite...and the spider's web...and the sunlight in the woods...well, you get the point; just as hard for us to choose as it was for you. Grand way to illustrate the "no charge...originals at large" concept.

    1. :) thank-you. every day is an absolute head-turner, isn't it...if we keep our hearts and eyes open!


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