Monday, November 28, 2016

Splendor-tender November Goodnight

Victoria and I share a deep love for November. 
We are always a little sad to see it go...
Two more days to dance to its moody blues!

 Tonight is thick with the sound of silence...

Sere fields, like still-life banners lie
Hinged to low bars of steely sky
Bare trees, like transfixed sentinels
Stand motionless on hills, in dells
The beds of earth are stark and brown
Waiting for spreads of eiderdown

The wind broods, hollow and forlorn
The woods are dark and shadow-torn
Where lilt of leaf has lost its vim
And lies beneath the tuneless limb
Late day splays solemn like a dirge
As afternoon and twilight merge

The plush rush on dusk’s avenue
 Is veiled in velvet navy blue
As skyline embers guide spent souls
Toward sweet, tender homespun goals
Of bread to break and tea to pour
Of laughter-gentled dinner-hour

Somewhere the air is full of gold
As morning breaks night’s aerial hold
But here the hand of eventide
Gathers November’s countryside
In shrouds of plush deep, purple-blue
As this Today is tucked from view

© Janet Martin

Some good tuck-the-day-away music by Celtic Thunder

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