Friday, November 11, 2016

The Awful, Awful Cost of War

PAD Challenge day 11:
For today’s prompt, write a description poem.
Pick someone or something to describe.
Get in depth, or just brush along the surface.

So our young men and women can go off to work...

and come home to mother's supper-soup...

Beneath your ribs
Pulses the heart
Of a boy,
A brother,
A mother’s son
But, instead of
A baseball bat
They are teaching you
How to hold a gun
And on your cheek,
Your smooth, young cheek
Instead of a kiss
From a sweetheart dear
You are about
To taste firsthand
The awful gall
Of mud-and-blood tear
And many of you
Will never see
The Freedom
You are fighting for
Your boyish vim and
The awful, awful
Cost of war

© Janet Martin

The Truth
Archibald Lampman

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