Friday, January 29, 2016

Winter Gardening

We poke around in flowerpots
And spread out glossy centerfolds
Of photo-preserved garden-plots
We stroll paths lined with marigolds
And other dream-derived prize blooms
And in the transport of a thought
We resurrect from frozen tombs
The pleasure of forget-me-not
And daffodil waiting to spill
Its halos on a green-tossed hill
Where now the white of winter blows
And blankets beds of summer’s rose

© Janet Martin

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Since I don't have a garden-shed some 'tools of the trade' hibernate outside;-)


  1. That book -- this is the kind of garden I love. Cottage garden, I believe it's called?
    Your poem made me wish for spring so badly.. Cannot wait to start digging :)

    1. Me too! I also love the cottage garden. It's so free. The book I took the photo of gets pulled out every winter to fan the flame of garden dreams:)


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