Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Utterly Worth Every While

My friend gave me the Larkrise to Candleford Collection for Christmas. 
Yesterday, with popcorn bowl between and journal close by to snare some of its golden one-liners Victoria and I became part of their villages for a while.

As we chuckled, and o-o-o-hed and a-a-a-a-hed I knew 
...I would never trade Now for Then

Sometimes I think I miss those days
When kiss-and-cuddle healed your woes
But then I think about the ways
The bond of love just grows and grows
From what we had to what we have
And I would not go back because
I realize I could not save
And trade what is for what once was

Some things about a mother’s love
Are not so easy to explain
Still, no matter what it behooves
Oh, I would do it all again
For the friendship of smile to smile
And what we hope is yet to come
Made utterly worth every while
With these four words, I love you, Mom

© Janet Martin

...a few lines from Larkrise to Candleford I captured to keep in a journal gifted to me from Victoria for Christmas...

You are young. Young people do young things and make young mistakes.

It takes time and sorrow and experience to learn the worth of things in life
that really matter.

Why close the doors and keep summer out
when we can open them and let it in?


  1. I've been watching "Downton Abbey" with my daughter Sophie who's about the same age as Victoria, just turned fifteen. (Still on season 5, so don't tell me anything!)I've been feeling what you describe so well in your poem. Good times :)

    1. Isn't it NICE when we enjoy some of the same things?! Good times for sure. We are watching that series as well but I can't tell you what happens because we have not seen season 6...yet!

      Here's to the best times yet to come.
      ...and isn't it crazy how that wild tug-of-heart can grab a mom at the most unexpected moments?!


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