Friday, January 22, 2016

This Life We Live

This life we live can give us cause
To moan and groan
To sing and dance
It renders in tick-tock applause
The rubric of

This life we live bids that we brave
Its hold-me-close
Its long farewells
We dash across the looming grave
On our way
To blooming fells

This life we live, this tug-of-heart
Is not some hapless
That melds like water-color art
From sky-high reams
Of gold-gray-blue

This life we live slips, vim and verve
Through love's lament,
Its laughter-loss
Is like a constant learning curve
As we shoulder
Hope's albatross
This life we live is not our own
This moment-metered
Stint on sod
Is not some trickery time-sown
It is a precious gift
From God

© Janet Martin

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