Monday, January 25, 2016

The Give and Take of Life

The only thing that keeps us from breaking under life's constant giving and taking, is grace.

Sometimes it feels like we take more
Than our fair share of grin-and-bear
My points of view too oft ignore
Your points of view way over there

Life’s second miles would wear us thin
And the lament of longing too
If love were not the law within
That bends our will to see it through

The heart before the hand must learn
The art of humble give and take,
Then we won’t ponder its return
But simply do it for love’s sake

We are all beggars in the mind
The give and take of life, a tool
That teaches us how to be kind
Or else a blind and broken fool

To do to others as we would
That others would do unto us
This law of give and take is good

© Janet Martin

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