Monday, January 11, 2016

Prelude To Accomplishment

This morning's sunrise was Someone to behold!
 I boosted the colors a bit to amplify the WOW!!!
but stunning without the 'boost' as well...
with boost...
without boost...

Doesn't the Sender of such an invitation as this deserve our best?!

Who knows if we will touch the link
That binds hope-wish to triumph’s pride
But before day sets on yon brink
I’d like to think at least we tried

Who knows if Best is good enough
To achieve vision’s well-laid plan
Still, its full work is partly wrought
By choosing to believe we can

Who knows if we’ll get there, but oh
This day, still young to you and I
Extends its invitation, so
I’d like to think at least we’ll try

© Janet Martin


  1. Hi Janet. I like your photos of the sun pillar and sun dog. We had the mild rains last night and this morning the temperature has already dropped from 8 to 2. A flash freeze is coming through the afternoon then really cold all week. We were spoiled last week I think. :) Blessings to you.

    1. the weather we had must be blowing your way!! our flash-freeze with snow came yesterday afternoon. School-kids are delighting in the first 'snow-day' of the year:) which is more of an 'icy-roads' day...and br-r-r-r! it is cold, but with it come these stunning Masterpieces from the Creator so I truly LOVE all the seasons. now I think I'll go and stoke the fire;-))


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