Saturday, January 16, 2016

Pray We Never Outgrow Wonder...

Oh, pray we never grow too old to wonder at the common world
Or marvel at the sundry ways that only nature can amaze
And, pray we never weary of God’s testaments beneath, above
Where eye and ear bears witness to the Handwork only He can do

The workmanship of One so great ought to confound and captivate
The brooding discontent of we who, born with growling bellies see
Full proof of He in every leaf; His mercy lent to seed and sheaf
Each like a wide-flung window to wonders that only God can do

The worries of this world can bind and blind the aptness of the mind
Where faithful through the wooing years the hand of Heaven commandeers
Dark bark that cradles in its womb the nucleus of bud and bloom
Ah, pray we never grow blind to the wonder of what God can do

© Janet Martin


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