Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Of Lengthened Heart-strings and Other Such Things...

 My, my, my oh, my!! How short and sweet these days were...

We lengthen heart-strings
Let them go
Into the old, cold world
And oh,
Love’s parting would be
Hard to bear
If we could not hold them
In prayer

Our God can see where
We cannot
He knows beyond our
Meager thought
Mightier is one meek prayer
To God
Than battalions of
Flesh and blood

Thus, to this lifeline
Faith enfolds
Each fear, each tear; God hears,
We lengthen heart-strings,
Prayers increase
He strengthens heart-strings
In release

© Janet Martin

I watched as they who just yesterday stood knee-high,
 brushed snow-heaps off the pick-up because they drove to school today.
There is nothing a mother can do
but marvel at time's hurry,
 let go,
and pray...

Into the blustery day the truck disappeared.
Not even aware that a prayer commandeered...


  1. Ahhh...The last lines...:))
    Is this Melissa? How fast those sometimes long days flew...and oh if then we knew what now we did...What a blessing we didn't. simply lived each moment as it came...

    1. this is Victoria...as she helped Matt un-bury the pickup this morning I had a sudden flash-back to those tugging-at-my-skirts years... remember? the oldest 3 were planted firmly on their seats til well over a year old, (some a year and a half) and then Victoria came along and broke the mold, walking at 10 mos.:)

      ...I LOVED those moments!


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