Friday, January 29, 2016

No Compromise

 No matter how badly we would like to hit 'rewind' on moments and change our response we cannot. Still, mistakes are not in vain unless we refuse to learn from them.
Sometimes we score...

 ...but more often it's slip-trip-get-up and try again.

This firm apprenticeship of Life,
This ever-learning, yearning strife
From its commencement wields a knife
Bent on shaping and making us
And with the brush of Night and Day
The Artist paints time’s gold and gray
Around us while we learn to pray
And say and do what becomes us

These appointments of rise and shine
Drawing us to Life’s Finish Line
Are ordered by a Hand Divine
Though we may argue, fret and fuss
The ebb and flow of dark to light
Holds more than time within its rite
Where hold-let-go arrangements cite
Lessons of life becoming us

…and thus, by our mistakes we learn
Through touch and tasting’s No Return
And our response to it; we earn
The right to try again, because
Though experience makes us wise
Still, its apprenticeship applies
To one and all; no compromise
In the art of becoming us

© Janet Martin


  1. No hitting the rewind button, but I do know how to hit that replay button some times. Over and over and over. Sometimes that's good and other times, well, it'd be better to let that button stick.

    Thankfully I have been learning to let it all be ... hits and misses, blobs and blisses. It's all the story of my life. And it's good.

    Thank you for your thoughts shared today, Janet!

  2. Brenda, I hear ya'!! It all makes for a colorful picture looking back:)I like it...hits and misses, blobs and blisses. yup.


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