Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My, My, How Soon a Life...

My, my, how soon an hour
Doth its flower unfold
How swift the halo of dawn’s gift
Is snuffed to Bygone’s hold

My, my, how soon a day
Its ether splay adheres
Its gold and gray, its toil and play
To graven yester-years

My, my how soon a year
Turns hello to goodbye
How subtle is the purple dusk
That cups its pleading sigh

My, my, how soon the air
Giddy with girlhood dream
Scatters fond tatters on a stair
Of thought and prayer requiem

My, my, how soon the splurge
Of living’s surge is quaffed
How soon the dust reclaims its Must
And soul returns to God

...My, my, how soon the sun
Climbs latticework of trees
And what we thought had just begun
Has become Memories

© Janet Martin

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